July 1, 2014

10 Best Practices to Boost Sales with Social Media Promotions

Best Practices to Boost Sales with Social Media

Sale season is a big opportunity for business to gain people's attention, get them buy from you, stop by your stores and start building relationship with new customers in sale season. As you know, using social media it is possible to make more excitement for your sales and give user experience easily. Do you have any social media promotions to increase sales? With social media, you can gain awareness of your sales much better than doing alone. This post gives you 10 ways to lead your sale to success with social media promotions.

How to Boost Sales with Social Media
1. Provide Information that Followers Want to Know
This is always important on social media. People visit your social communities because there is something they can get from it. It is necessary to post useful and detailed information on social media on a regular basis if you want people to stay and engage with you. For example, you can share creative recipes using your products for a home party with images. The more helpful and attractive information about your products you post, the more you can catch their attention and make them buy from you.

2. Get Followers Reviewed
Nowadays people trust social recommendations including reviews before buying products more than advertisements or messages from companies. Positive reviews help you to improve sales and you should be happy to hear them, while you might be scared to get negative reviews. But changing the point of view, it gives you a great opportunity to convert unhappy customers into your customers by replying and fixing the problems. Keep in mind that earnest attitude can resolve the problem and give a better image on you. Consequently, your sales will increase.

3. Use Social Media Ads
You must include not only working on creating contents and interacting with people, but also posting paid advertisements in your social media strategy. Normally social media ads target specifically by gender, age, geography, interests, people's likes and more. Also since billions of people daily use social media, social media advertising is possible for many people to see your ads and it raises brand awareness and drive sales efficiently. If you haven't tried, why not test with a small budget to see how it does and generates the result?

4. Give Early Access for Sales
Giving early access to targeted social network followers is a great way to let them enter your sale and stay engaged for getting other special offers from you. It gives them a beneficial feeling to have the early access to sales and enhances the brand loyalty. This can make them want to continually connect with you and drive sales as a result. Moreover, it is possible to attract potential followers and make them want to connect with you since social media posts can be shared and spread through multiple social media.

5. Offer Free Shipping
This is the number one feature that online shoppers expect from companies as some people only make a purchase from websites which offer free shipping. Thus, free shipping is another way to attract people to buy from you. In addition, it can improve the degree of their satisfaction by imparting a benefit of the service so that people are likely to spend more. Promote free shipping on social media if you already do free shipping, and you will be able to catch the attention of people who didn't know you do free shipping.

6. Promote A Coupon
Social coupon is a great and measurable way to improve sales and acquire new customers and followers. With a specific condition to get a coupon like following you on social media or commenting to your contents, you are able to increase the number of your social media followers as well as sales. If you are a product provider, you can offer a discount like "buy more save more deals" or your new product with a condition such as "when you buy over $100." And if you are a service provider, you can give a limited-time free trial of your specific service. They will buy your full version if they like the trial.

7. Conduct on Flash Sales
Flash sale is a marketing technique that provides daily limited-time sale of a singe or several products. Since it creates sense of urgency because of time and quantity limitation, you are able to get more people's attention and boost your sales by displaying how long time or how many items are left until the sale finishes. Inform your flash sale details to followers in advance and spread to the world using social media, you can expect that more people will enter the flash sales and get a better result than your last time.

8. Promote Giveaways
Giveaway is one of the marketing promotion styles that gives something away for free to increase sales. Everyone loves free and people are willing to try your services if it's free. Offer your free sample to your followers, they will buy stuff from you if they like the giveaway. It is a kind of giving an opportunity for them to get to know about your products and services. For instance, you can consider something like gift cards of your stores or online photo album services with a limited stock. Remember that your selection of giveaways controls the success of your sales, so choose carefully what to give away to boost sales!

9. Host A Photo Contest
There are many social media contests such as photo, video, essay, blank to fill in... and it is one of the most popular and engaged social media uses among companies by offering a chance to win a prize. Among of them, I think a photo contest drive people better since people love photos and it can gain attention from not only your followers but also your potential customers and followers. Besides, it is possible to gather user generated contents and generate more excitement on them. Encourage your followers to post their purchases from you or how they use your products, it will build awareness of your sales to non-followers and promote sales.

10. Offer A Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes is another popular way to attract customers and followers by enticing them to entry a campaign for having a chance to win a prize. Offer something desirable like your lastest or most popular products for a prize, or people won't give attention to you and it won't be told to friends. Mostly the entry of sweepstakes is free but entrant information like name and email address is required. Therefore, with an appealing prize it is possible to build your contact list and create engagements with followers as well as increasing exposure. Like contests, this will be the first step to lead people to make a purchase.

These marketing promotions help you to build stronger relationship with your followers and give a good brand and company image. With social media, you are able to create buzz around your sales effectively and increase social media engagements. Make sure that your landing page is mobile friendly and easy to share, and your contents will be able to be exposed and drive traffic to your sales.

Which social media promotion do you take into your next sale?
Share with me your plan in the comments.

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